How to Successfully Implement a DME Program into Private Practice

We often hear from physicians that there are several challenges to implementing Durable Medical Equipment programs into their practices. In this post, we address four common areas of concern and show that when you work with the right supplier, it can be a win-win for both your office and your patients.

First and foremost, quality products are a must. The market is fraught with that products that are poorly designed and constructed. Patients will return cheap products if they’re not satisfied with the results or there are durability issues. Second, find a quality provider with a proven track record. Ask for referrals from their current clients and seek out providers that have commissioned outcome studies to measure the efficacy of their products. In our latest outcome study, Meditech had a product return rate of <1%.

It’s important to understand the payers, especially Medicare Local Coverage Determinations (LCD’s), which are decisions on whether a service is considered reasonable by a Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC). These fiscal intermediaries often determine the national denial rate, which can vary across products and services, but in a recent jurisdictional review of claims for Lumbar-Sacral Orthoses (HCPCS L0631 and L0637) for claims processed from December 2014 through February 2015 there was a claim denial rate of 83% for the 899 claims reviewed. Based on review of the documentation, the following were the primary reasons for claim denials: claims had a missing or incomplete detailed written order, claims had medical record documentation issues, or claims had proof of delivery issues.

Read the full article on and don’t hesitate in contacting us today to learn more about best practices in implementing  DME program into your practice or clinic:

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