Announcing Launch of Healthcare Assist Foundation

Howie Bartz, President and Founder of Meditech, announced the creation of the Healthcare Assist Foundation, a non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization with the mission of providing quality health insurance to those with financial and medical needs. For hospitals, administrators and medical providers, Healthcare Assist provides a turn-key solution to help cover costs of the uninsured.

Healthcare Assist addresses the obstacles preventing people from obtaining quality healthcare. These obstacles include lack of financial resources and lack of education about government subsidies and assistance. Healthcare Assist helps address these obstacles by simplifying the process of obtaining quality health insurance for individuals, educating people about government subsidies, coordinating government subsidy programs, and offering financial assistance to help cover high cost premiums.

Despite the passage of the Affordable Care Act, there are still millions of Americans without health insurance. “The Affordable Care Act was a positive step in providing health insurance, but in reality there are still millions of Americans without health insurance,” said Howie Bartz. “We have a system where many people suffer from serious medical conditions without adequate coverage. If Healthcare Assist can step in and make a real difference for those who are in need then this is a win-win for everyone.” Bartz added, “The process for obtaining health insurance is still fraught with challenges and is difficult for many to obtain and afford. Our goal with Healthcare Assist is do all we can to streamline the process, educate the public, coordinate government subsidies, and offer financial assistance to help cover high cost premiums.”

Access the full release here:

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