Meditech Announces New Partnership with Catalyst to Carry Full Line of Point-of-Use Injection Kits

Howie Bartz, President and Founder of Meditech, announced a partnership with medical products provider Catalyst. Meditech has added Catalyst’s point-of-use convenience injection kits to its line of products. The kits have been specifically designed for various injection procedures based on physician input and are reimbursable by workers’ compensation and commercial insurances. The kits provide efficient delivery of prevalent anesthetics and corticosteroids.

“We’re extremely pleased to form a partnership with a company of such a high caliber as Catalyst,” said Howie Bartz. “These kits provide items necessary for a variety injection procedures and represent a strong addition to Meditech’s expanding line of products.” Bartz added, “The kits offer a compelling value proposition that will enable physicians to optimize patient care while enhancing medical practices.”

The injection kits offered include the Interarticular Joint Kit, Lidolog Kit, Marlido Kit, Bupivilog Kit, Multi-Specialty Kit, MLK F1 Kit, MLK F2 Kit, MLK F3 Kit, Physicians EZ Use M-pred Injection Kit, Physicians EZ Use Joint, Tunnel, and Trigger Kit, and Physicians EZ Use B-12 Compliance Kit. All kits are FDA approved and have an assigned NDC number, AWP’s are listed in First Data Bank, Medispan, and Redbook.

Full release:

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