The New Bartz Bracing Systems Spinomed IV A/P Brace

Wearing the orthosis for 6-mo period was associated with a 73% increase in back extensor strength, a 58% increase in abdominal flexor strength, an 11% decrease in angle of kyphosis, a 25% decrease in body sway, a 7% increase in vital capacity, a 38% decrease in average pain, a 15% increase in well-being, and a 27% decrease in limitations of daily living. The overall tolerability of the orthosis was good, no side-effects were reported, and the drop-out rate of 3% was rather low.

The use of an orthosis increases trunk muscle strength and thus improves posture in patients with vertebral fractures caused by osteoporosis. In addition, a better quality of life is achieved by pain reduction, decreased limitations of daily living, and improved well-being. Therefore, the use of an orthosis may represent an efficacious nonpharmacologic treatment option for spinal osteoporosis.

The goal is to provide a brace that combines the features of a simple application, high wearing comfort and increased reliability thanks to ergonomically shaped shoulder straps, breathable material, and a comfortable fit. Medical effectiveness is scientifically proven and evidence based in a published study. The only orthosis recommended by the DVO guidelines.

Indicated for:

Osteoporotic vertebral fractures
Juvenile kyphosis
Kyphosis with chronic back pain

Read more about this brace and download the full effectiveness study:

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