Results from a Meditech Patient Satisfaction Survey

We conducted a brief survey to assess overall patient satisfaction with the LSO brace and its perceived effect on back pain and activity levels. One hundred patients, ranging in age from 44-100 years, completed questionnaires. Nearly all (n=97) patients reported having experienced back pain of at least 6 months’ duration, and none had undergone surgery or spinal procedures within 30 days prior to the time the survey was conducted.

Patients provided self-assessments of pain with and without the back brace using a scale of 1 (no pain) to 10 (severe pain). The pain level was unchanged in 4 patients using the brace, while the balance of patients experienced reduced pain levels to varying degrees. For simplicity, changes in pain scores have been grouped into categories (mild, moderate, and significant) and are presented as a pie chart. Changes in activity levels after or while wearing the brace have been similarly categorized and presented.

A scale of 1 (bed ridden) to 10 (fully active) was used. Two patients reported a mild (1-2 point) decrease, while activity level was unchanged in another 9 individuals. The vast majority of remaining patients experienced mild to moderate increases in

activity level as indicated in the chart.

Overall, 95% of patients over a broad range of age groups felt that the back brace was beneficial. Their self-assessments show the capacity for the back brace to improve quality of life for these patients and contribute to customer satisfaction.


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