Examining the Efficacy of Bracing to Treat Various Spinal Disorders

Braces are sometimes recommended to people suffering with spinal problems. Braces are a simple, conservative method that can help immobilize and support the spine. Braces can also be effective in helping to correct a spinal deformity. While braces may feel uncomfortable at first and may seem inconvenient, they are a very important type of treatment.

Braces are categorized as rigid or soft. Rigid braces are used to restrict movement, while soft, elastic type braces provide muscular support while allowing movement.

Commonly used braces include:

  • Cervical collar
  • Soft lumbar corset
  • Rigid lumbar
  • Thoraco-lumbo-sarcal orthosis or TLSO brace

Braces may be an essential component in the successful treatment of various spinal disorders. Braces may help patients avoid surgery, enhance healing, prevent injury, and provide comfort and support. Many patients report that braces help their posture and remind them to be careful in how they move. Modern materials make braces more comfortable than ever. While braces may be restrictive, they are an important part of some back treatment programs.

Read the full overview with specifics on braces here: http://www.agingspinecenter.com/content/spinal-bracing


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