Urine drug testing reduces the use of high-risk medications among injured workers

In coordination with clinical monitoring and oversight, urine drug testing reduces the use of and amount paid for high-risk medications, among injured workers, according to new studies.

Memphis, Tennessee-based Helios, formerly pharmacy benefit managers Progressive Medical Inc. and PMSI Inc., on Tuesday, October 14th, shared results from clinical studies that were first presented during conferences in September. Clinical interventions among injured workers enrolled in the Helios drug testing and monitoring service who had an inconsistent drug test for 90 days prior to the test and 90 days after led to changes in utilization and costs, Helios said in a statement.

“By providing prescribers with additional information regarding unexpected drug test results, our drug testing and monitoring service has successfully reduced workers compensation payer spend on controlled substances and other medications,” Matthew Foster, clinical pharmacy manager for Helios, said in the statement. “It also resulted in decreased therapeutic risks associated with chronic pain treatment for injured workers.”

Read the full summary here: http://www.businessinsurance.com/article/20141014/NEWS08/141019933?tags=|63|338|309|329|339|304|92


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