Radiofrequency Neuroablation in Chronic Low Back Pain

Clinicians and health care administrators are all acutely familiar with the impact that low back (LBP) has on quality of life and worker productivity. Numerous studies report the economic impact of LBP to be in the excess of $100 billion dollars. Additional studies suggest that LBP will effect nearly 80% of the population at some point in life.

Pain that persists despite routine medical management poses a difficult problem for patients and their treating physicians. When pain continues despite medical care, there is an increasing probability of physical disability, psychosocial dysfunction, drug dependence, and development of chronic pain.

Recent advances in technology, along with new understanding of the anatomy and Physiology of pain, make it possible to accurately diagnose and effectively treat pain previously thought untreatable. In the area of spinal pain for instance, spinal patho-physiology has allowed for a variety of new diagnostic and therapeutic interventions into low back pain, radiculopathy, neck pain and cervicogenic headache.

This retrospective study of pain outcomes for radiofrequency neuroablation patients confirms the viability of this modality where conservative, traditional treatments for chronic low back pain have failed. Read the full article here:

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