How Back Braces Work

Howie Bartz graduated summa cum laude from Daemen College. He entered the field of physical therapy and soon owned and operated several clinics where patients could find treatment in orthopedics and spinal rehabilitation. In 2007, Howie Bartz founded Meditech, LLC, for which he designed Bartz Bracing Systems.

Bartz Bracing Systems, known as BBS, includes bracing devices for several areas of the body, including the spine, wrist, knee, and ankle, among others.

Most people grasp the basic purpose of a back brace: to protect the wearer’s back. But how exactly does a back brace protect our backs? When cinched properly, a back brace supports the spine and muscles by keeping the wearer’s body in a proper posture. Most people slouch without realizing it, which puts strain on already-aggravated muscles. Maintaining good posture wards off pressure from the spinal nerves and enables the spine and surrounding muscles to heal.

Some jobs require employees to wear back braces while they perform difficult labor. Physical therapists also mandate back braces to some patients. The brace protects them while they go through everyday activities, even seemingly benign ones such as walking around the house and bending over to pick something up from the floor. How often individuals must wear their back braces depends on how frequently they feel pain and the advice given by their physical therapists.

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