Treating Post-Surgical Pain

For the last seven years, Howie Bartz has served as president of Meditech, LLC. Howie Bartz has drawn on his medical and clinical experience in the development of a line of products that includes TENS units for post-surgical pain.

The first step in effectively addressing post-surgical pain should actually be taken before the operation. It involves the patient taking the time to fully disclose his or her medical history to the doctor. Doing so makes it possible to avoid potentially dangerous drug interactions between drugs and supplements that the patient is already on and the newly administered pain medication.

In addition, patients should ask what type of pain they are likely to experience, when it will peak, and how long it will last. This will enable them to keep track of unusual symptoms and excessive discomfort. Along the same lines, individuals should ask if the pain medication that has been prescribed will have side effects. Furthermore, after surgery, pain medication should be administered prior to the onset of pain.

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