How Knee Braces Work

A successful medical products and services provider with many years of experience as a business owner, Howie Bartz currently is the sole owner and founder of Meditech. In this capacity, Howie Bartz offers a full range of medical products for physical therapy, including knee braces. Here is a quick look at three common types of knee braces and how they protect the knee.

Neoprene sleeve: By far the most common type of knee brace, the neoprene sleeve retains heat around the knee, which reduces swelling and chronic inflammation. Contrary to popular belief, the neoprene sleeve provides little structural support for the knee.

Hinge brace: The rigid bars on the inside or outside of the hinge brace protect the knee from excessive motion in the left-right direction. Some hinge braces prevent excessive bending or straightening of the knee as well.

Patellofemoral brace: Designed to push the kneecap outward and enable proper joint tracking, the patellofemoral brace is typically used for recovery from quadriceps tendonitis, patella subluxation, and patella dislocations.

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