Three Types of Knee Braces

Howie Bartz, the sole owner and founder of Meditech in Washington, D.C., formerly spent five years as a practitioner of physical therapy. In his current role, Howie Bartz provides clients with a variety of medical equipment and services, including knee braces.

A number of different knee brace models can be used for various purposes during the healing process. Individuals who suffer a major injury, such as a fractured patella or shattered shin, may be set in a long brace known as a knee immobilizer. The immobilizer is designed to hold the knee joint carefully in place without movement as the body begins to recover.

Bledsoe braces are frequently used with individuals who have recently undergone surgery, especially an operation on the ACL. The Bledsoe brace features an adjustable lock that can be loosened as the patient heals and begins to improve his or her range of motion.

Finally, a motion control brace is often prescribed as a remedy for sprained ligaments along the sides of the knees. This brace is a sleeve reinforced with metal that works alongside the damaged ligaments, particularly the medial collateral and the lateral ligaments. Motion control braces are good options for athletes in sports that involve sudden motion and turns.

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