TENS Units Bring Relief to Nerve Pain Patients

Howie Bartz, a trained physical therapist, previously operated two outpatient centers, at which he focused on spinal and orthopedic rehabilitation. Currently, the founder and owner of Meditech, Howie Bartz provides pain management products to his customers, including TENS units.

TENS is the acronym for the medical term “transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation,” a recognized therapy for pain relief. A TENS unit or machine operates by transmitting pulses, beginning at the source of the pain; it can be used for both chronic and acute pain.

TENS devices work by producing an electrical current that is transmitted by way of a small, hand-sized, battery-powered machine. Two electrodes are affixed to the skin at the point where the patient is experiencing pain. A low level of electricity is then delivered to scramble or stop the usual signals of pain. The stimulation may also promote the manufacture of endorphins – hormones produced in the body that naturally lessen pain discomfort.

The settings for a TENS machine can be adjusted at one of several frequencies. The patient’s health care professional will advise him on the proper current to use. Conditions that are treated with TENS devices include lower back pain, bursitis, osteoarthritis, neck pain, and fibromyalgia.

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