Physical Therapy for Lower Back Pain

Howie Bartz, the founder of Meditech, earned a degree in physical therapy from Daemen College. For more than five years, he served as the sole owner and operator of two outpatient physical therapy centers. Howie Bartz has since worked as a professional physical therapist specializing in orthopedic therapy as well as spinal pathology and rehabilitation.

Physical therapy can be used to strengthen and rehabilitate various parts of the body. The lower back is a common source of chronic pain that can be improved through certain physically therapeutic activities. Physical therapy is effective for the lower back both before and after surgery, with two basic schools of rehabilitation being applied: passive therapy and active therapy.

During passive therapy, therapy is performed on the patient; examples include the application of heating pads or ice packs and electrical stimulation.

Active therapy, on the other hand, is performed by the patient. Forms of active physical therapy that can help with lower back pain include special stretches and exercise routines. Physical therapy programs that specialize in the treatment of lower back pain focus primarily on active forms of therapy.

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